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Brie A. Moore, Ph.D.
Evidence-Based Care for Children and Families

Evidence-based treatment specialization in:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based CBT for Anxiety, Phobias, Tics, Stress, and OCD
  • Behavioral Parent Training for Noncompliance, Conduct Problems and Oppositional / Defiant Behavior
  • CBT for Depression, Anger Management, Bullying, and Emotion Regulation Difficulties
  • Behavioral Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Underachievement, School Resistance / Refusal, and Homework Challenges
  • Behavioral Treatment of Childhood Sleep Disorders including Nightmares, Early Awakenings, and Bedtime Resistance 
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Adjustment Reactions to Moves, Loss, Trauma, and Phase of Life Concerns
  • Behavior Therapy and Habit Reversal Training (HRT) for Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania), Skin Picking (Excoriation), Bedwetting (Enuresis), Toileting Accidents (Encopresis), and Thumb sucking
  • Behavioral Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Social Skills Deficits, and Peer Rejection 
  • CBT and Appetite Awareness Training for Eating Disorders
  • Family-Based Lifestyle Modification for Childhood Obesity  

Dr. Moore's approach is both evidence-based and individually-tailored. Following a thorough clinical evaluation, Dr. Moore will discuss with you her diagnostic impressions and engage with you in collaborative treatment planning. This process aims to insure that your child's and family's needs are met in a knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate manner.